Workshops & Activities

The basics of the Dutch income tax return

This mini-workshop is designed specifically for internationals who are unfamiliar with the Dutch tax system in order to educate them about the basics of the Dutch income tax return. During the workshop you will learn how to file your income tax return, obtain tax credits, learn about the 30 percent ruling, be informed of various aspects of taxation in an international context and the differences between personal and business taxation, hear which allowances (subsidies) are available to you, and more. 

Trainer: Petra de Rijk (Blue Umbrella).

Professional Development Fair 2016

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Other Workshops & Activities

  • Networking: THE WAY to get a job in the Netherlands

    Networking is THE WAY to find a job in the Netherlands. But, how do you, as an international, begin to network with the Dutch? During this mini-workshop career coach Annette Rauh will give you some useful tips about networking in the Dutch business culture.

  • Master your elevator pitch

    During this mini-workshop we’ll work together with the public speaking masters to write and practice a 30 seconds pitch in which you will introduce yourselves and get other people interested in your value as an employee or possible business partner!

  • Intercultural Differences at the business level

    During this mini-workshop, you will work with strategies for understanding cross-cultural communication, which includes differences in disagreeing, decision making, and persuasion.

  • What’s going on in the Northern labor market?

    Looking for a job but not sure what jobs are available or trending in the Northern Netherlands? Perhaps you want to stay here and are willing to develop the necessary skills to fit the job market, but have no idea what these would be?

  • Job application process in the Netherlands

    Applying for a job in the Netherlands can be quite different from what you’re normally used to. This short workshop gives you some more insight in where to start and how to write your résumé.

  • From academia to industry: personal experiences of successful PhDs

    We invite you to come listen to personal stories from other PhDs who have successfully transitioned from academia to industry or other organizations.

  • Startups & Entrepreneurship

    In this mini-workshop you can get some pointers on what the first steps are toward having your own successful business and ways to navigate the entrepreneurial world through building a productive network.

  • Employment opportunities

    Are you working (or plan to work) as a highly skilled migrant in the Netherlands? And what about your partner? Is she or he actually allowed to work in the Netherlands, and under what conditions? Or are you an entrepreneur and would like to open your own business in this country?

  • The basics of the Dutch income tax return

    This mini-workshop was designed specifically for internationals unfamiliar with the Dutch tax systems to educate them about the basics of the Dutch income tax return.

  • How to be happy without a job

    This mini-workshop will touch on certain aspects of social integration and provide you with the tools to create a circle of social and semi-professional connections.

  • Mock-up job interviews

    A mock interview is an emulation of a job interview used for training purposes. Performed by experienced HR-managers from the real companies, such interviews have a purpose to resemble a real job interview as closely as possible providing invaluable experience for the candidate.